Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser coming soon

 Zack Snyder recently confirmed on twitter that there will be a special trailer for Batman Vs Superman in selected IMAX theatres.

What we can assume therefore is that very soon, maybe even as soon as next week, there could be a global teaser trailer for BvS.

The trailer is not the only thing to come out in recent weeks. In March we were blessed with a first look at Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network (2010) and Zombieland (2009)) as notorious DC villain Lex Luthor and Superman’s nemesis.


With the release of Marvels Avengers: Age of Ultron out just a week away its no surprise they are trying to promote the DC universe as much as possible.

However, where Marvel have their future clearly laid out, DC is trying to catch up. It will be an interesting thing to see how this trailer is viewed and perceived especially given DC’s recent past. The recent Dark Knight Franchise was one of DCs crowning glories, however it was stand alone and when made clear it wouldn’t link in any way to the DC universe many people wondered what face could be under the new batman mask. When it became clear on who was cast there were great difficulties for DC. Ben Affleck as Batman caused mass controversy with even a petition to remove him completely. This petition, now closed, showed the length people were going to in order to make DC what THEY want.

Furthermore the casting of Jesse caused problems. Lex Luthor is famous for his older appearance. Not as an old man but certainly in his late middle ages at least.


The last person in the cinematic world to take on this role was Kevin Spacey in Superman Returns, the less said about that film the better. In most of the comics, animated tv shows and films he’s been seen as this elder character, even when changing key aspects of him such as age, business, background and race.


So a young Lex Luthor would naturally cause people to question the film slightly, especially in regards to comic book fans mad about these films.

These sort of things naturally don’t sway the producers but its a genuine reason to feel concerned. We don’t know what this trailer will show, or even how dark it will be. Neither do we know if the introduction of the other DC superheroes will be made.

What we can say though is that we all should look on it with an open mind. Ben Affleck might surprise us, even when his last superhero film was that of Daredevil, and I for one wont mind Jesse as Lex, he’s a fine actor so we should not judge him too soon.

I for one, can’t wait to see it.


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